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  About Us ​​

A-1 Asphalt Service is a family owned and veteran operated premier pavement maintenance company located in Meyersdale Pennsylvania. We specialize in sealcoat and linestripes, however we are able to offer a variety of services making us a one stop shop for all your asphalt needs. Our payment methods include cash, check, credit/debit card, and money orders. We are properly licensed in multiple states, insured, and are more than happy to provide references upon request.​ 

Reasons to Sealcoat:
  • Protects your asphalt from the suns damaging UV rays, vehicle leakage from parked automobiles, and other harmful debris that can permanently and quickly damage your surface.
  • Safety, reducing the liability of slips, trips, and falls by providing a non-slip coating.
  • ​Ensures your pavement will reach its maximum life span.
  • ​Can eliminate costly future repairs.
  • ​Enhances the professional appearance of your establishment.
  • ​Will provide a clean dark black appearance increasing your curb appeal.
  • ​Gives your customers a great first impression by providing a clean, better than new area to park and walk in.
  • ​Can be applied for just pennies per square foot!
  • ​A black parking lot absorbs the suns heat aiding in ice and snow removal.
  • ​Asphalt is a petroleum based product, it is cheaper to sealcoat your surface every other year for 20 years than to repair the failed pavement caused by neglect.

*With our inexpensive maintenance your pavement could last for decades.

Services we offer:
  • Commercial/Residential Sealcoating - We use commercial grade industrial sealcoat with a silica aggregate consistantly mixed to provide an even coat for a jet black non-slip coating. We have the ability and equipment to spray, squeegee, brush, and even create a custom mix specific to your pavement needs.
  • Linestriping - We can mirror an old layout or create a new one with our lazer guided professional airless linestripers to ensure your commercial property is ADA compliant and easy for your customers to navigate.
  • Crack Sealing - Hot pour, rubberized material is applied to the asphalt into cracked areas to prevent future costly weather damage.
  • Repairs - From oxidized, raveled, cracked, or potholes in your asphalt, there are no problems we cant fix.
  • Sport Surface Coatings - Colored coatings to tennis courts and running tracks. We can even color a parking lot to attract a potential customers attention.
  • Signage - ​Any type sign needs can be met, custom or traditional.
  • ​Pressure Washing - If your concrete needs cleaned, we can renew the look of your sidewalks and entrances of your property.
  • Snow Removal - Full service commercial and residential to include plow, shovel, and salt.
  • Installation of curb stops / speed bumps - ​​Help control the flow of a designated area for special safety concerns.
  • Homeowner Services- We can supply you with the supplies and proper equipment you need to do your own driveway at home.

Asphalt Sealcoat Truck, seal coat
  1. linestriping, sealcoat, pavement maekings
    Pavement Marking Trailer
    The linestriping trailer is loaded with ADA compliant stencils and ready for the next project
  2. Sealcoat spray rig, seal coat
    Sealcoat Spray Truck
    A-1 Asphalt Services sealcoat spray truck
  3. professional sealcoating, parking lot
    Parking Lot Sealcoating
    Dark black parking lot in the works for a professional look and safe non-slip surface
  4. Linestriping, pavement makings, sealcoat, asphalt
    A-1 Asphalt Service Supply Trailer
    Keeping us supplied to reduce downtime.
Professional Asphalt Sealcoat and Maintenance Services