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Our Services​​

and pricing structure

We only use top quality materials from the nations most dependable manufacturers to deliver the best outcome available. While on site we are commited to your project and giving your asphalt the attention and detail it needs to become a piece of art. Your property deserves nothing but the best and that is where we come in. If your looking for increased safety, more curb appeal, ADA compliancy, and to save money by reducing future repairs on your driveway or parking lot it sounds like your in the market for one of our asphalt sealcoatings. Call, email, PM, or text us today. Our quotes are quick, itemized, and easy to read.

  1. Residential and Commercial Asphalt Sealcoat
    Pennies per square foot
    From large parking lots all over the east coast to small residential driveways we cover all types of asphalt with our anti-slip coatings.
  2. Pavement Markings
    Prices range on parking lot layouts.
    Pavement markings or most times referred to as linestriping keep you in compliance with ADA standards and help customers to clearly navigate through the parking lot.
  3. Infrared Repairs
    Priced per square foot
    We can repair potholes, dips, cracks, and other damage to your asphalt with a flameless heater and give you a seamless repair.
  4. Asphalt Repairs
    Priced per square foot
    When the damages exceed the capabilities of an infrared asphalt repair we can remove the old section and replace it with a new one.
  5. Signage
    We can provide and install custom or traditional signage with standard poles or flex posts to comply with ADA standards.
  6. Snow Plowing and Ice Control
    Services are available in the Pennsylvania areas of Somerset, Berlin, Meyersdale, and Salisbury. And the Grantsville Maryland area.
Why Sealcoat:
Sealcoating asphalt is not just for instant curb appeal it can save on property maintenance cost by blocking the suns UV rays that dry out the blacktop, repels automotive leaks that can quicly eat away  your pavement, boost safety for property managers by preventing slips and falls with a viscous anti-slip coating, and can save on snow and ice removal in colder climates when the black surface absorbs the heat from the sun.

Sealcoating costs pennies per square foot where as paving costs dollars. Financially it makes more sense to take care of what you already have than to prematurely replace it. 
It has ben proven by both the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Pavement Institute that sealing your asphalt extends the pavements life to its maximum lifespan.